Jun 9, 2021

Frugal Marketing Idea for Network Marketing Entrepreneurs

How many e-mail messages do you send everyday?  You’re probable missing out on a simple, inexpensive marketing tool.  Seize the opportunity to promote your business to a highly targeted market without spending a dime by utilizing your e-mail signature line.

 If your email signature line only contains your name and contact information, you’re missing out on advertising to e-mail recipients that have opted for communications from you.

 These people are key members of your unofficial marketing network.  They are your prospects, clients, press contacts and colleagues and your signature line is the perfect, unobtrusive space for a unique promotional pitch.


Try these tactics to turn your “sign-offs” into sales:

Ø  Highlight what your company offers.

Ø  Offer an incentive for recipients taken a specified action.

Ø  Use the associated web address for the incentive, if it’s also on your site.

Ø  Give better visual positioning to the promotion rather than contact info.

Ø  Play with eye-catching fonts and colors.

Ø  Use less than 64 characters/line so that words don’t wrap to a new line.

Ø  Write a “signature” for different categories of recipients.

Ø  Change your signature copy frequently.

Ø   Never miss a chance to get your product or company noticed.


Another thing that many entrepreneurs don’t think about is the letters they send out.  They are merely accepted as solving a problem or answering a need, when you can carry the e-mail idea over into every piece of mail you generate.

 On the company letterhead simply add a line at the bottom of page 1.  It could be a “tag line” of sorts made up of a slogan that “brands” your services or business.  Try to come up with something unique so that every time it’s heard the prospect thinks of you.

 Examples of this would be, “Good to the last drop,” which of course is Maxwell House Coffee.  “Finger-lickin’ good,” which is KFC chicken, and so on.  You get the message of what I’m saying.  Play around with this until you come up with a pearl that is uniquely you. 

 When you’re an entrepreneur in today’s network marketing marketplace you have to be inventive and creative to buck the “big boys” on the block. 

 It isn’t always the almighty dollar that gets the best advertising for our business; it’s the best IDEA that makes you stand out in the crowd.

To your success, 


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Sep 12, 2020

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Failure

 Fear of failure holds back a lot of people. But everyone fails! It’s how we deal with our failures that lets us move forward and finally achieve success. Fear of failure is nothing more than projection of the mind.

A young man wants to talk to a woman but his fear holds him back because he thinks she might turn him down. He goes about his life, having never made a move, sits back at his house, and wonders why he’s all alone and without a loving partner. 

His fear of failure didn’t let him at least go up and say ‘hi’! Even if he was rejected, which was the source of his failure, he still would’ve taken the chance. Most of the time when the fear derives from something like the fear of rejection, it’s unplaced. One step is just realizing that what you’re fearing isn’t even that big of a deal. And she might even have said yes, and the two could be on a date enjoying some lobster and making way through life together instead of on their separate paths as strangers.

There are a few steps to overcoming fear of failure, laid out below. You should repeat them daily so that they can take effect and truly start influencing the decisions and actions you make in your life.

Visualize Winning

Visualize what it would be like if you took that chance you’re so scared of and it ended up working out in your favor. This lets you know there are things you are missing out on by giving into your fear and walking away from every challenge that presents itself that gives you a slight bit of anxiety and fear. When you can visualize the outcome you’re after, it’s way more likely to become a reality. 


Most people fear change, they know what works, and they don’t want to mess it up. It’s a comfort thing, but the thing is if you don’t change you’ll always stay exactly the same and you will never get closer to your dreams or ideal reality. Let go of the habits and repetitive motions that keep you chained. Slay fear of failure and embrace the confidence of winning!


Affirmations help program your mind so that instead of fearful thoughts you will get empowering and worthwhile thoughts that motivate you towards positive actions that cause real change your life. Bringing you closer to your dreams.

I am confident

Fears come up but they are powerless over me

Every mistake or loss is just a new way for me to improve

I am improving and moving towards my dreams, Nothing can stop me!

Stop fear! Take the chance! It’s an imaginary thing holding you back and now that you know that you have the tools to manifest a life better than even you could’ve imagined.

To your success, 

Silard Matrai

Mar 15, 2020

7 Poor Reasons To Get Involved in MLM

Joining a mlm type of business for all the wrong reasons is a recipy for disaster. Find out about seven of the worst reasons for enrolling in a mlm opportunity, and exactly why this kind of reasoning can be so dangerous.

Network marketing, or "MLM" can be a great way to earn everything from a small additional income to a generous full time living.

However, many people join MLM or network marketing type opportunities without really knowing what they are getting themselves in to. This is probably one of the biggest reasons for the fact that some people have very low thoughts about this type of business ans many are falling ou very quickly.

MLM  works for you alos,  if you do it right and start with the right expectations. Period. That said, here are seven really poor reasons for enrolling in a network marketing opportunity:

1) Earning "easy money"

I know - the mlm-companies are very good a promoting their business as a simple 1-2-3 process that anyone can do and become an instant millionaire. Especially online it has almost become a standard to use once super long and totally over hyped sales letters.

This is the equivalent of claiming that anyone who can open a can of beans can be a master chef.

Don't get me wrong, I do think most people CAN make it in MLM if they put their minds to it. But you must be prepared to learn many new things and you WILL have to work for it. Make no mistake about that! MLM is not a get rich quick sceme. It is not a how much you invest and how much you gain money game. 

2) Expecting that "spill over" will do all the work

Many mlm opportunities are built on what's called a "forced matrix". For example, in a 3x3 matrix, when you have sponsored your three first new members, the fourth will be placed under the first person you sponsored. This person has thus gained one person in HIS downline, without any effort on his part.

Now, some companies and especially "uplines" would have you believe that their top recruiters are so effective that the spill over from their marketing will automatically make you, who are joining at the very bottom right now, an instant success.

This is simply a pipe dream - it will never happen. Yes, you probably will get a few people spilled over into your downline, but nowhere near enough to guarantee your success. The sheer width of the matrix on your level, means that there is an enormous amount of representatives that will have to shear any amount of spill over.

And who says the top recruiters are as active as they once where anyway? Worst case scenario, they are now working on something else entirely, because their income in this particular opportunity is already secured with a "deal". So start with the right intention, that you build it. Do not buy and do not sell the myth of spillover.

3) Thinking that a product is so great, it will sell itself

This is a classic mistake, because many MLM systems simply aren't really about the product. This fact is difficult to swallow, I know.

As a greenhorn I remember joining this lottery syndicate-mlm, thinking that "everybody" would want better chances at winning the lottery - right? The disappointment was huge when I discovered the truth - some people even made fun of any attempt to mention this great new thing I had discovered.

Likewise, in mlm, it will not matter if you are selling a breakthrough product that contains every mineral and vitamin under the sun - if you do not understand what network marketing is really all about.

4) Doing an old friend a favour

We have all been there - an old friend you haven't met for years who suddenly calls you and want to set up a meeting about something he will tell you more about when you meet...

I'm not saying that this couldn't be a potentially good business. But calling all your friends is a very ineffective way to do mlm, and you should never join any opportunity only to do someone else a favour. Because in the end this is about you, your money and your career.

5) Earning a lot of money in a short period of time

Most mlm testimonials always seem to go something like this:

- In my first month I made $800 and now, in my third month, I have been able to quit my job and...etc.

While not outright lies, testimonials like these are usually collected from individuals who, through luck or skill, managed to join this particular opportunity from the very beginning. They are simply at the top of the pyramid and they often know exactly what they are doing - the're the mlm experts.

Like most offerings, mlm opportunities have a life cycle that grows rapidly in the beginning. During this phase of explosive growth it can be very easy to sponsor dozens of new people per day, with relatively little effort. After all, this is something entirely new and one well placed ad can do wonders.

However, if you join after this initial explosion, it is much more difficult to see quick results and it requires more effort to attract new people into the business. Patience, knowledge and the right strategy is required to succeed here.

6) Big name X endorses this program

This is somewhat related to the previous point. Mr. Heavy Hitter have made thousands of dollars with this opportunity already and he is not shy about telling anyone how EASY it was. And he's probably not lying either. It was easy - for him.

Because, like noted above, he probably got involved in this opportunity long before it was launched to the general public, because he already knows all the right people.

He (or she), also know their stuff, and have the resources (large email lists, advanced Internet marketing tools etc.) to quickly and efficiently let the word out to a large number of people.

If you are relatively new to this game, it is a very bad idea indeed to assume that you instantly could pull off feats worthy of a network marketing guru. Would you compare your golfing abilities to those of Tiger Woods?

I don't think so.

7) Thinking this will be a free business to run

I'm not talking about the membership fee of your mlm opportunity here, because that is given. But many people falsely believe that they can market entirely for free using the internet or social media.

While it's true that there are some effective low cost Internet marketing techniques you can use, you should never fool yourself into believing that Internet marketing will be a no cost affair. Moreover, the online competition is usually quite fierce. And building a business has alwas some cost on the long run. Still, building a network marketing business online is among the low overhead businesses.

To summarize; Multi-level marketing  can offer an exciting new way to earn money. But your motivation for joining a mlm business shouldn't be based on one of the misconceptions mentioned above.

Treat your business like a business, and you will be okay and succesful on the long run.

To your succes,


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