Aug 22, 2017

ANCE 2017 - Backstage One Minute Interview with Ken Seto

5 Ways to Increase Your Self-Confidence

We all know them. You know the ones, those self-confident individuals who always seem to be in control. They make snap decisions, appear to be more successful than most people, and possess an inner strength that is almost visible.

You admire their self-assurance and firmness of opinion. Such characteristics arise from inner beliefs in one's ability. If you would like to be more self-assured, practice the following tips which can help you formulate a strong, healthy self-image, full of conviction and self-confidence.

1 – Understand Your Strengths... and Weaknesses

Self-confident people know what they are good at, and what they are not very good at. Confidence definitely means feeling good about your ability to do certain things. However, it also means understanding those areas where you need to improve. A confident person readily accepts they are not the best at everything.

2 – Look On the Positive Side

Bad things happen all the time. You need look no further than your daily news broadcast to see that the world has a lot of problems. Self-assured individuals understand this. However, they do not focus on the negative side of life. They can always find the silver lining in every cloud, and a positive spin on a negative event.

3 – Don't Let Failure Stop You

A failure is an event, it is not you are. The most successful, self-assured individuals with true conviction in their beliefs and abilities have failed hundreds and even thousands of times. They are not scared of a failure, and certainly don't let it keep them from succeeding in the future. Norman Bernard Larsen invented WD-40 on his 40th try. The world would not benefit from this all-in-one miracle household product today if Larson had given up on his 10th, or 20th, or 39th attempt.

4 – Spend Time with Positive People

Confident people surround themselves with other confident people. These people tend to be positive as opposed to negative in nature. Their self-belief is contagious, and makes people want to be around them. Negative people want to bring others down to their level, and positive, self-assured individuals spend time with confident believers in self-convictions that push them to be more of who they are.

5 – Use the Right Body Language

You can "trick" your mind into believing that you are self-confident. This will lead to confident, assured actions and behaviors. Pull your shoulders back. Stand erect. Look people in the eye. Practice good posture. Don't slouch. Shake hands firmly. Smile more often. Speak slowly and clearly. These are all traits of self-confident people, and simply by adopting these postures and confidence boosting tips, you will begin to feel more self-assured.

To your success,

Silard Matrai

Apr 10, 2017

Moments of the Asian Networkers Conference and Expo

With my partner Henriette at ANCE2017

It is an honor and a dream come true to be
promoted among the best speakers.

On stage representing Europe and Hungary.:)

There has been great resources to be found
I appreciate every minute talking with Ken Seto.
Tom "Big Al" Schreiter on stage at ANCE2017. When listen to Tom,
you will learn some very easy and effective communication techniques,
 what you can promptly use in your business.

Simon Chan gave you a lot of great insights  about how to use the social media to build your business

All speakers got recognized on the Gala Night, and many awards has been handed over.

It was a great event, with a lot of passion a many powerful insights.Some more pictures and videos will come that we recorded backstage.

Dec 22, 2016

Art Jonak on Facebook About Time Management

Just recently I found a very practical and first hand advice from Art Jonak, a very well known and respected a Network Marketing Professional, founder of the MastermindEvent,  who I respect very much and learned from a lot. This time about what he is using to manage time  and acomplish task effectively. I experience dy by day that time and task management is crucial part towards success in your life and business. So find out more about that topic trough his post, find out what is the easy method he is using and you can to.